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Merta Ada, health meditation teacher and holistic intuitive healer

Merta Ada was born 1957,He was awarded the “K. Nadha Nugraha Award” in 2001 by BaliPost for his achievements in teaching and helping thousands with his health meditation technique. This prestigious award is given out to individuals who use their various fields of expertise for outstanding contributions to the Balinese society.  

Since 1993, Merta Ada has been teaching meditation to over 80,000 students. This does not even include his previous TV program on BaliTV or the numerous people that tune in to his radio programmes broadcasted by GlobalFM Bali, which is also broadcasted globally through the internet. Merta Ada also currently hosts a popular meditation session (including Q & A) on GlobalFM Bali twice daily.

Pak Merta, as he is known to his students, conducts almost 40 intensive meditation courses lasting 7 days each, in Jakarta, Bali, Medan and Palembang. His courses observe noble silence and involve etheric exercises and sessions of meditative sitting, with 2 healthy vegetarian meals a day. Besides teaching people to use meditation as a means to heal themselves, his methods may include treatments with special herbs from Bali, and/or sound and crystal healing. 

Through the years, Pak Merta’s knowledge of healing has been a combination of ancient Balinese healing, Chinese medicinal philosophy (understanding the meridian body) and Indian beliefs regarding the chakra body. He has been inspired and taught by many teachers including Hindu Spiritual teacher  - Mpu Kuturan, Dang Hyang Nirartha,  Chinese medicine healer - Tiyah Balian,  Buddhist  priests - Bhante Giri Rakkhito Mahathera, Bhante Thitakhetuko Thera, well known Balinese healers - Kak Balian, and many other respected meditation teachers throughout the world.

Merta Ada's success and achievements as a health meditation teacher and holistic intuitive healer has also brought him recognition from the medical profession. Doctors, upon seeing the progress of many successfully using meditation as a tool to assist in their healing, have referred their own patients to Merta Ada's centres.


Merta Ada and Tapabrata / Intensive Health Meditation.

Merta Ada, founder of Bali Usada Meditation teaches healing through the gross (physical) body, meridians, chakra's,mental body, mind and memory techniques. The various practices include exercises, all of which are simple and can be learned easily.

The Bali Usada Meditation technique is based on years of intensive research of the ancient lontar (palm-leaf) books of Bali, teachings from respected meditation practitioners, traditional healers, doctors, books of science and Merta Ada's personal experiences as a healer. Now, through this technique, one is able to learn how to detect or create vibrations for better health. 

Participants will be taught how to achieve a state of calm and focus, which is the basis for healing the mind, the emotional and the physical aspects of one's being. You will be guided in bearing qualities of concentration, mindfulness,lovingkindness and wisdom ( Harmonious mind/merta ada) in the constant observation of your breath and body. This concentration or "mindfulness" through meditation is the state from which awareness and healing takes place.

"Noble Silence" is practiced during this course. This means participants are to refrain from talking (except to the teacher or assistants) and to refrain from reading, writing, smoking or alcohol. This “silence” will allow one to achieve maximum results of concentration. Participants will be allowed to speak to Merta Ada or any of the assistants if there are questions in regards to individual health situations or on the meditation techniques.

As a person's mind and body become more focused on inner awareness, rejuvenation and healing takes place.  Many often experience a release of stress and tension as well as a release of effects of negative emotions, conditionings and memories.

The Health Meditation also focuses on diminishing the impact of negative situations which gives rise to emotions such as grief, anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, attachment, and addictions.


* Releasing tension and promoting relaxation

* Strengthening the mind and body to overcome stress

* Achieving clarity of mind

* Achieving calm, balance and focus

* Strengthen the immune system

* Healing specific ailments / dis-ease

* Awareness and healing of specific areas in the body

* Increased energy levels and metabolism

* Achieving a greater sense of harmony and serenity

* Helps in releasing fears, worry, depression and grief

* Inner strength and happiness

Merta Ada is currently working with the University of Hindhu Indonesia (Indonesia) to establish a Bachelor's degree program on Alternative / Complementary Medicine. His Bali Usada Health Meditation Course will be one of the curriculums offered.

Through his practice of meditation, Merta Ada has helped many people heal themselves of grief and trauma, dis-ease arising from holding onto negative past experiences, allergies, asthma, hepatitis, cancer, impotency, tumors, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia, high blood pressure, migraines, heart disease, skin problems and so on. He is active in many prominent social organizations, including one which takes care of HIV patients. Under his care for almost 8 years now are some HIV patients who have managed to maintain good health and emotional well-being through the Bali Usada meditation practice.


Written by Kheng Chua (www.greenpartnerts.com.sg)