Meditation Experiences

Anything worth while is never easy by Jan Thomson


Dear Pak Merta,

Below is my testimony following your meditation clinic I attended in November/December 2008.

Even though I have attended your clinic before, I did not remember how difficult it was.  That must be because I am about 12 year older than I was last time .  But, as wise people say: "Anything worth while is never easy".  The meditation was not easy for me.  But I am so glad I was lucky enough to be able to go to your clinic.  My most significant success is as follows:

I have suffered from tinitus for about 12 years.  It can be a most distressing complaint with ringing and other noises in my ears the entire time....

I have learned to manage it reasonably well, but I really wish I did not have it. However, after the clinic I am so glad to say that it is much, much better.  This is what I did: I focussed on my ears with gentle kindness then I travelled down the ear canal while it gently pulsated.  I continued further and then something like a smooth cauliflower began pulsating in my ear.  It was a gentle and quite pleasant sensation. 

Then I was in my nostral and I travelled down a tube to my ear.  The same thing happened:  the tube gently stretched and contracted and I was back with the smooth cauliflower.  I concentrated on that for quite some time. It was a creamy colour and smooth like a piece of linen., but there were definite "flowerettes"  My attention was then taken to my throat and I began to travel up another tube back to my ear.  The same gentle pulsation happened once more and I was back to the cauliflower again.  I stayed there for a long time, concentrating with loving kindness until I moved on to other parts of my body.

The next day, for the first time in 12 years, I did not have any ringing in my ears.  I could not believe it and I felt marvellous. I was free!  During the next few days the tititus gradually returned, but not nearly as bad as before.  Also the noise had changed and it was not so shrill.  I am continuing to meditate and to concentrate on my ears.  I know I can improve it even more.  I know this because it happened once, and it will happen again.  It is hard to get such perfect silence when meditating at home.  The clinic is the very best place to meditate.  All our responsibilities are taken away and we can concentrate on ourselves and, more importantly, on our meditation.

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of attending your clinic.  I hope to return another time.

I begin my big adventure to walk, solo, the Bibbulmun Track of nearly 1000 K's through the bush on the 31st March.  I will pass very few houses, as it is quite isolated.   I really want to do the first 700 K's, and then I may, or may not continue.  I'm very relaxed about the last bit because I did it last year.  I have done the first part before too, but that was 16 years ago.  David and I walked it then, but this time I will be on my own.  I am training hard so it won't be too hard I hope.  I will need to carry everything I need on my back in my backpack.

With kindest regards,


Jan Thomson