Meditation Experiences

I resign from the last company and start to make a first step in Ph.D. program by Pepey


I am a woman, 45 years old, having two sons. Since 2000, I have a plan to continue my education. I thought that I have been 14 years in working experiences, so it was time to me to have a new environment which will make me wiser, smarter and happier. I have an obsession to be one of famous motivator and marketer in Indonesia. I have an experiences as a marketing and product manager since 1990. Now, I thought, I will learn more about marketing, especially in product management. I got Ph.D. program in University of Indonesia. I realized that I am not a young woman again. I also have a problem in my memory because I must remove a half of my thyroid glands. In 1994 I had a toxic thyroid when I have my first pregnancy. The doctor advised me to remove a half of the thyroid to reduce the hyperthyroid condition. By the way, the operation still had a risk. It would be reduced my memory. Because of that, I should drink one tablet of thyrax (thyroxin hormone) everyday to balance my memory. Although, I drink it, I still have a problem to remember and to concentrate some thing.

I should prepare my self to achieve my dream to be a doctor in science management (marketing). I need a support to solve my problem in memory. I realized that to be a Ph.D from University of Indonesia was not easy and need a smart preparation for that. One day I saw Meditation Program of Bali Usada written on a banner. It attached on the wall of Gramedia’s Book Shop. I register my name and start to know deeply about meditation. I thought that maybe Bali Usada Meditation could help me to improve or increase my memory. I also need a meditation to encourage me during the journey of Ph.D. program. I hope that meditation could make me stronger in mind, soul and body. I need it for my study because I herd and knew that most of the Ph.D. student in University of Indonesia, science management, was fail to achieve degree because they could not suffer the consequences of the study. By my personal observation, I knew also that someone whose wants to get the Ph.D. degree was not only depend on the intellectual ability but most important was depend on the ability to keep emotion was still balance or harmony. Ph.D.student should be a humble person which was open-minded to receive a lot of feed back from the reviewer and the team of promotors.  

I start to learn and know Bali Usada Meditation in 2000. I register in regular program. I had finished the program but still did not have enough time to do meditation everyday because I was busy in my job as a product manager until 2004. On July 2004, I resign from the last company and start to make a first step in Ph.D. program. I started my study. I made a champion commitment and daily, monthly, and yearly program to have a successful in my study. I decided to register again in Bali Usada Tapa Brata 1’s program. I have a strong spirit to be a good meditator because I knew that I need it. 

As I expected, I have a lot of benefit after I join with Bali Usada. I tried to make a new habit in my life. I made 45 minutes meditation in the morning (facultative) and in the afternoon (has to). I did not have a problem again in my stomach. Before, I vomited food during the examination. After I meditated regularly, I never had that problem again. 

In 2005, I tried to stronger my effort in meditation. I tried to increase my meditation’s time to get more benefit in my life. I registered to join Tapa Brata 1’s again for second chance in my life. I have an experiences to meditate in 60 minutes and made a 2nd commitment to be stronger meditator and tried to discipline more harder. The benefits were beyond the ordinary. Meditation made me keep fresh during study. I could keep my concentration to read the journals for 7 hours a day. I could keep my heart humble and relax when I did the revision from my team of promoters or reviewers. I could fight boredom because do revision repeatedly. I have better persistence than before.

In 2006, I had passed the preliminary examination and went through dissertation process. I passed proposal and finding result examination easily…but when I come to a pra promotion examination, I failed. I was very surprised with the result. It was beyond my expectation. I was not strong enough facing at my unsuccessful examination. Fortunately, one week after that I joint Tapa Brata 1’s for third chance. I went to Graha Kasih with unhappy feeling. I let my self to merge into self reflection in meditation. I heard seriously wisdom massage in Mr. Merta Ada’s story. At the first time, it was not an easy to concentrate in meditation because I feel anger in my mind and body. I was angry with the result. I was angry with my promotor. I could not forgive him. I also was angry with one of my reviewer, I knew her, but she made me failed. I could not see the bright side of my examination’s experience. I needed 3 days to handle my anger. I struggled to reduce my ego to heal my spirit. Finally, at the fourth day of Tapa Brata’s, I feel better and understand deeply about ANICA. I also realized that I forgot that I am not a creator of my life. I could make a perfect planning, but I could not decide the result. I forgot HIM which has a power to create our life more beautifully than our planning. 

After Tapa Brata, I decided to be ‘a new Pepey’ which has a new perspective about life. I come to promotor’s team, listened about their opinion. I made paper’revision regularly as their advised me. I moved and moved. I only have an objective, I must arrive at the end of the journey, I must get the Ph.D. I meditated everyday, 60 minutes in the morning and 60 minutes in the afternoon. Meditation made me stronger and patient. I could see clearly about their opinion and I could humble to receive their feedbacks until I have 2nd pra promotion (last chance to get the degree). On October 8, 2008, I had the examination. I prayed before and said in my heart to the team of promoters and reviewers, “semoga ibu/bapak berbahagia”. I feel better and calm. I passed the examination successfully. Thanks God.

I told my testimony above ‘how meditation help me to reach the dream’ also in USADA 2, Baturiti on 11-22 November 2008 after I have my Ph.D. degree on November 3, 2008. I recommend that do not doubt about the benefits about health meditation of Bali Usada. It was proven in my life. Hope more and more people know about Bali Usada. I promote Bali Usada also to the team of promoters and reviewers. I gave the brochure and told to them about the benefits of meditation. I say that we should make meditation as an important habit in our life. I always said that in my promotion. Hope God Bless Bali Usada!.

Best regards,

Pepey Riawati Kurnia

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