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Sharing from Hans

Subject: Sharing from Hans

Lovely email from Hans... I think you should read it.

Hallo dear Kheng,

Already a week has past since we had our first day of our course at Sedana Cove and a couple of days have past since you sent us your email below. I did not practise noble silence all that while that you had to wait for so long to get a sign of life from me. It was just the work load that was waiting that kept me away from writing to you earlier.

Chat and I made a great experience and Pak Merta Ada's seminar or course was conducted in a close to perfect way. He is a great person with a great personality and able to pass his enormous wealth of knowledge and experience to totally inexperienced people in Meditation like me. Though I have done Meridian Meditation for the past 5 or 6 years as it is part of my Xi Gong exercise, but Pak Merta Ada was able to bring Meditation to a much higher level and the results were overwhelming. I shall carry on and adjust my Xi Gong Meditation to benefit more from what I learnt last weekend. Needless to say, that I have been talking to some of my friends about the course and I reckon that one or the other is considering to attend a course in the near future.

Before closing, I would like to the you and Theresa (who does not work for you...:) for organising this event in such a professional way. Well done.

I wish both of you al the very best and that may both of you be happy, always and forever, the same I wish to Pak Merta Ada. Please pass my best personal regards to him, should you talk to him.

Have a lovely and enjoyable weekend and kind regards