Meditation Experiences

Testimonial from Arletta Darussalam

My name is Arleta Darusalam, and I work for EF English First, chain of franchised English language schools in Indonesia. I have known about Bali Usada approximately a year before finally I participated in the Tapa Brata in January 2003, who wants to join a course that you are not able to talk-read-write for a week? 

Then, I joined because I need to contemplate myself after a relationship break up- after a very-very drunk birthday party the day before Tapa Brata. Could not be a better experienced!. I was able not to talk (this is easy for me as I am an A-social person), not to write (easy also, I could live by without it) and read (this is super difficult as I am an avid readers, so what I did was re-re-re-read all the Course info, the only thing that we are allowed to read, still trying to finding grammatically error, spelling error, to amuse myself). 

Having just finished the course, I am able to hold on to my emotional outburst, I was able to slow my pace a bit when talking to others, basically I gained my patience which never in my dictionary before. Not easy, for sure, it is easier said than done, but then I went 4 times so far and still trying to take the Tapa Brata 2 in the short future. Before I joined, I never believe that people change, still do now, but at least I know that Anicha exist, it is up to the people to change. I have my Anicha, so others can.. Then I was thinking of my mother (as the only child), who I want her to grow old gracefully by taking Tapa Brata. 

But, how to make her join is another story. Pak Merta helped me with an idea, “visiting a nice place to relax” that might do. So I talked her out from her stay in our beautiful mountain in Mangotong-South Sulawesi. She participated her first Tapa Brata. Of course,getting very upset with me during the course on how could I tricked her to a place like that and can not smoke during the course. 

Now in 2005, she already took 5 Tapa Brata! Still smoking from time to time between her Tapa Brata sessions, however, she has the ability to control her temper. If she wanted something before she will demand that she must have it that minute, now, she is able to see the reason why her demand can not be met at that minute without showing tantrums. For both of us, we learned to appreciate each other. It was a love-hate relationships now probably still love and hate, but in the different tunes, that we could relate to each other without hurting each others.

Every human being was a child before, sometimes not become a parent, so as a parent we should realize how difficult is a child life actually. All the expectations from the parents that a child must live on. I felt so underpressure before I realized it, now, we could have a better communication. Participating Tapa Brata is a gift for life, at least you owe it to your physical body. I recommend it wholly.