Meditation Experiences

Eyes Problem by Julie Griffin


I am delighted to report that self-healing and mindfulness techniques that Mr. Merta Ada shared in a seminar, have helped me to heal my rapidly failing vision. Last year my opthamologist reported that I would need to have the natural lenses in both my eyes surgically replaced within 5 years--or I would lose my sight.

After only a few months of regularly applying Mr. Merta's simple-yet-extraordinary concepts, not only has the progression of disease stopped, my eyes seem to be greatly improved. Mr. Merta's unique strategies combined beautifully with other holistic healing techniques I was already using, resulting in VISIBLE improment. I am most greatful for his "harmonious mind" teaching that enabled me to stop being afraid of losing my sight.

I now realize that when fear is placed inside a harmonious mind, healing is more readily achieved. I will have the lessons he taught me with me forever. For that and more I am very grateful.   


Julie Griffin, U.S.A.