Meditation Experiences

My Cholestrol, Liver and High Tryglicerides was cured..! by Reza Gunawan


Back in November 2000, I was living such a hectic and stressful life at work and other activities. For someone young like me (25 years old), being diagnosed with diabetes (my blood sugar was in 280–320 range after multiple testing, with a normal blood glucose range from 80-120), liver problems, and high tryglicerides & cholesterol, is rather difficult to accept. Especially when I have living with a vegetarian diet for the last 10 years and tried to live healthy. Later on I found out that the diabetic condition had also occurred within my family medical history.  

At first, my diabetic counsel and my doctors all urged me to take Anti-Diabetic Medicine, and maybe regular insulin at later stages. This is most likely due to the popular belief within modern medicine that diabetes can’t be cured but can only be controlled. Another reason is that they are concerned with the fatal complications that diabetes may do, such as blindness, nerve failure, and so on.  

Somewhere inside I knew that taking these medications would make it harder to cure myself so I only agreed to take the medical monitoring approach (lab tests, and used self blood glucose monitor) but strongly refused to take any modern medicine. I was prepared to try everything else but those medicines, including alternative healing.  

Since then, I have tried my best to lower my blood glucose, using only strict diet and exercise program, which has helped me dropped my blood glucose to a 170-220 range (which is still high) 

In February 2001, I participated in the 7-day Tapa Brata Meditation program in Bali.Merta Ada was very patient and systematic about his program. He guides us thoroughly within the process of harmonizing our minds, in order to be able to heal ourselves from within. I had so much anxiety at the time, because I was afraid that if I don’t cure myself there, my doctors and family might put me under stronger pressure to take diabetic medications. I carried my blood glucose everywhere, and Merta Ada advised me to relax and trust the whole process.  


Pain and ailments started to rise to the surface during the program, but surprisingly I felt a strong sense of peacefulness in my mind. On the 4th day I measured my blood glucose and tested it many times, because I couldn’t believe that it was 98! This 90 – 120 blood glucose levels continued until now, and now I truly believe that my diabetic condition has been cured, even if I take sugary foods now and then.  

Not only that, I have fuller understanding on how to live mindfully. My working attitude and stress level has improved so much, along with the recovery of my health. Thank you so much, Merta Ada. I would strongly recommend this program to everyone !


Reza Gunawan