Meditation Experiences

It helps my Diabetic & Cholestrol and Ovary problem for my wife by Brian and Kevin


Dear Mr. Ada

We are Brian and Kevin and we met you on Thursday 4 July 1998 at your clinic. We friends of Steve and Team, and you asked us to contact you in two months and tell you about our progress. At the time Brian had a skin rash on his feet that you said was a bacteria and you provided a medicine. You also said he needed to have a blood test for diabetes and cholesterol. We pleased to say that the rash has gone and he is feeling better.

For Denise you said that her right ovary was only working about 20 % of the time and this may why she had not become pregnant. You also. provided a herbal medicine to fix this. This was also successful and she is now 10 weeks pregnant. We are very grateful that you made the time to see us and we thank you very much for your help and advice.


 Brian and Kevin