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# Meditate Your Way to Good Health by Michele Cempaka

Merta Ada, a man of gentle demeanor with an ever present smile, has been teaching meditation on the island of Bali since 1993. Today there are 86,000 people who have jumped on board the Bali Usada Meditasi wagon. What’s the secret to Merta Ada’s successful meditation practice? Perhaps it lies in the fact that most people are seeking more profound healing methods which address a great deal more than just our gross bodies, but incorporate the belief that our emotions and state of mind can also have powerful effects on our overall well being. Merta Ada shares his ideas about how a harmonious mind and wise body awareness can greatly assist in our healing process.

“For five thousand years we’ve had the culture of healing in Bali. After that time, we were influenced by Indian and Chinese cultures. All of these cultures are mixed together at Bali Usada Meditasi,” says Merta Ada.

Merta Ada was greatly inspired by one of Bali’s eminent teachers – Mpu Kuturaan, who believed in the four elements which exist in our bodies: earth, water, fire and air. He asserts that if these elements are not balanced, we will get sick. Mbu Kuturaan’s power reaches back to 1,000 years ago when he was able to choose particular herbs and discern their character in order to heal people.

There are approximately 105 different herbs which are on hand at Bali Usada Meditasi Center to administer to those who are sick. Merta Ada draws information from the old book which he combines with his own knowledge as a Buddhist, which incorporates the benefits of practicing meditation for healing. He has combined all of this knowledge to create what is known today as Usada meditation.

“I chose Bali Usada, because Bali in our own language means ‘offering’ and ‘Usada’ means healthiness and we want to offer people healthiness. Healthiness is based on a good mind, so what you do first is train your good mind to appear. When your good mind appears, you train deeper with wisdom to attain a harmonious mind. Many people have a good mind, but this isn’t enough to heal sickness. When you have a harmonious mind and when your wisdom appears, you feel your body and the impermanence in your body, and then your mind becomes more flexible. When this happens, it affects your body like your hypothalamus, neurons, etc, which becomes like medicine. So…I’m teaching people to make good mind first and after that harmonious mind. When the harmonious mind appears, use it to feel the body precisely. For example, feel the gross body, and after that the meridian body, then the Chakra body and finally the mental body. If you can feel your body precisely, you can heal your sickness precisely. I’ve learned from my teacher and through my own knowledge that you must feel you’re body part by part. When you do this, you’re touching yourself in your body and the membrane. The membrane will then give new information to the DNA, which will then produce a new cell. Thus, your body will become fresh and you will look healthier and happier, so you won’t get old quickly. This is all occurring in the gross body. In the same way, you can feel your body part by part, whatever physical sensation or vibration that is happening in your body is connected with your memory. So, if you feel the sensation in your body, at the same time you are feeling the reaction in your memory. If you feel it with wisdom by putting lightness and love, then you can weaken the bad reactions in your memory. Thus, all traumas, sickness, unhappiness, panic attacks and all of these types of sickness that people have in every day life will become less and less, “ says Merta Ada.

He claims to have received thousands of testimonies from people who have been practicing this meditation and have healed themselves as a result. While he admits that not everyone has been cured, many people who have been blind or who’ve had cancer have made a full recovery.

“A lot of sickness … I don’t say 100% for all, but a lot of sickness originates from the mental body, chakra body and meridian body you can heal through your mind. Of course if you have sickness in your gross body and you need an operation, you should get it. Or if you have a bacteria infection you should take antibiotics, because one sickness can cause many many problems. So what I’m trying to say is that with meditation and the cultivation of a good mind, you can heal 70% of your sicknesses. 100% you can help yourself with a harmonious mind. Maybe you can decrease your sickness in combination with doctors, herbs or acupuncture.

“Many people I’ve met who have been doing meditation for 20 years still have health problems. For example, why does their herpes still appear?  If they learn how to meditate with a harmonious mind it will go away. I have a friend who learned this meditation and for five years the herpes hasn’t returned. We can tell people precisely how to do this meditation. The person should start by trying to feel their sexual organs and sex chakra, as well as the virus in the back of their body where the nerve system is. This virus is worry; it is hot from alcohol and nicotine. If you reduce the alcohol and nicotine and worry less, and replace all of these with self love and wisdom, the herpes will become dormant,” says Merta Ada.

Truly devoted to his path, Merta Ada has been caring for more than 15 people with HIV for the past 15 years. He asserts that their health is still good because of the flexibility of their minds. This is very important if one wants to totally heal oneself.

“For beginners, I make sure that they have a pure and harmonious mind, so they have to train with 30% mindfulness, 30% concentration, 30% wisdom and 30% love, so that they can use this for every day life. After that it’s their choice. If they want to get high concentration also known as ‘Samadhi’, then they only focus on concentration. If they want to be humble and feel good wherever they go and have a good relationship with their friends, then I can teach them 100% ‘Loving Kindness’. Or, if they want to learn how to be totally present, I can teach them only mindfulness. Finally, if they want to improve their life and believe that behind all of these changes in our lives there is something absolute that we call ‘Moksa’ or God, I can teach them 100% wisdom so they can get enlightenment. I can teach them, but this means that I’m not there yet, but I’ve received it from my teacher and I practice it now, so we can do it together,” says Merta Ada smiling.

Some people come to Bali Usada Meditasi because they want to heal a physical ailment, while others join Usada practice in search of enlightenment. Merta Ada enjoys teaching all of his students ways they can improve their lives and attain enlightenment. He theorizes that our minds contain 52 doors which consist of anger, worry, attachment, ego, doubt, fear, hatred, jealousy, greed, etc. These doors create suffering in our lives. Behind the good doors we can find our loving kindness, equanimity, wisdom, faith, etc, which are qualities that we need to train our minds to embody. Eventually these qualities will become our primary thoughts which can ultimately reduce our chances of becoming ill. In order for this to become a habit, we need to meditate ever day for 30 – 45 minutes.

Every Monday 6pm – 8pm, Merta Ada gives instruction on meditation and yoga for all students. During this time alumni students are guided through Usada daily practice which has been known to greatly assist many people with making their minds stronger and their bodies healthier. The Usada practice also helps to purify one’s reactions to one’s memories.

In addition to weekly practice, Bali Usada Meditasi often runs eight week courses at the center or seven day intensive retreats at various locations throughout Bali, Jakarta and Australia. Some retreats are taught in English by Merta Ada, while many are taught in Bahasa Indonesian.

For more information please call Bali Usada Meditasi on: 0361-289209 or SMS: 0816571253 or visit:

"May all beings be happy"


(Michele Cempaka)