4 hrs Usada Meditation Workshop

Synopsis of Four Hours Health Meditation BALI USADA Workshop

1. The purpose

By joining this FHHM workshop the participants will get benefits of :

a. Knowledge about the origin of body and mind 

b. Theory of Harmonious Mind and how to train and make it stronger

c. Practice in this FHHM workshop, that will give enough knowledge to practice at home


2. Participants will get :

  a. CD of Training harmonious mind and make the body healthier

  b. Manual of Bali Usada Meditation Technique


3. Four Hours in Workshop

  a. 20 minutes Registration

  b. 45 minutes of Talk Session #1 : What is health meditation? What is harmonious 

  mind? And what is the benefits of health meditation?

  c. 15 minutes Practice of Good Quality Mind : Concentration, Mindfullness and  

  Gentleness (Loving kindness)

  d. 15 minutes break

  e. 45 minutes of Talk Session #2 : 5 energies that formed our body 

  f. 15 minutes Practice of Harmonious Mind : Concentration, Mindfullness,  

  Gentleness (Loving kindness) and Wisdom

  g. 10 minutes break

  h. 45 minutes of Talk Session #3 : 52 characters of mind and the process of good 

  and bad energy in human life, and healing the scikness

   i. 10 minutes Practice of How to make the body healthier and calm the mind : 

  feeling the 36 parts of our body and let go the bad reaction (trauma) from the  


  k. 20 minutes Question and Answer