Usada Meditation Session I


With the advanced progress in health technology, there is also a growing trend of awareness that health is a personal responsibility and everybody can heal himself by using his own body and mind. The trend considers that the advancement in technology has to be viewed as an aid. Various medications from the natural to the chemical are external aids which are needed if we are sick. However, our own power inside the body and mind are also no less important to prevent and cure illness. There are various techniques of meditations and in this column I will firstly introduce health (Usada) meditation.

Health Meditation /Usada Meditation ( Part I)

Health meditation is a technique used to produce strong powers of concentration, which will be followed by several positive mental qualities such as mindfulness, calmness, wisdom, and love that I call Harmonious Mind.

If directed to the body, the harmonious mind will produce : 

 - Health (alpha above) wave that help create an atmosphere of relaxation.

 - A temperature of 37 Celsius degree that fits the body’s requirements. 

 - Special energy which is only produced by a harmonious mind. 

As I have experienced in curing illness with holistic healing, there are many diseases that can be cured faster by combining medicines (outside) and meditation, prayer and sport (inside). In the future editions I will present various examples of diseases that can be cured with the combination of meditation and medical treatment such as anemia, blood tension, cancer, insomnia, and infertility.

A harmonious mind can be directed to certain parts of the body to detect various sensations on our body. The sensation has a relation to reaction that follows our memory. If we see a snake then a rough feelings arises, causing fear or worry according to our past experience. Someone who has been raped will feel her body hot or heavy followed by the feeling of hatred, fear or anger when she hears something about rapes.

We can exploit the body sensation to eliminate the negative reaction that follows the memory to avoid worries, and distress that cause several illness such as allergies, cancer, impotence or lack of orgasm. With the disappearance of such negative feeling life will be calmer and happier.

There are several points to remember that:

 - Meditation is universal and does not relate to a religious teaching, this is something about body and mind.

 - Everybody can do meditation at any time, regardless if they have menstruation.
- There is no spiritual relation to the instructor and the participants

 - It does not contradict modern medical treatment. The results are even better if we combine with medical treatment. 

There are eight steps to learn about harmonius mind to the last step of helping somebody cure illness, they can be learned weekly or over a number of weeks to learn the whole process. Those steps will be discussed in the next issues. 

Following are the preparation to practice meditation: 

a. Meditation Position -  can be done with sitting, standing, sleeping or even while walking. For a beginner it is suggested to take the sitting position as he does not have strong harmonious mind.
By increasing our practice from 10 minutes in the 1st week until 30 minutes in the 5th week, the strength of our mind will be increased and our nervous system will be stronger. 

 b. Time -  Anytime. For beginners morning is the best time as the brain has not been cluttered with daily activities. Keep your stomach neither too full or too empty, one hour after eating is good. 

 c. Place
 - Anywhere. A good place must be clean with natural surrounding, far from noise or traffic. However as mental harmony increases, neither of those busy situations matter. 

Practice Step I 

We will use our breath as a medium to strengthen our concentration. In our daily life when we are breathing, we are never aware of the oxygen that comes into our body. By feeling the breathing during our meditation, the oxygen that comes into our body will be filled by the good energy of the mind. This energy will flow to the lungs, heart, and all over the body. The body will receive good quality of oxygen, and most importantly a harmonious mind will start to be formed.  

When breathing in feel it count one, breathe out feel it count two, breathe in feel it count three continue until ten then start again from one. By repeating that process continuously, the concentration of the mind will be stronger. The important things to remember is don’t interfere with your breathing, breathe naturally, let your breathing follow it’s own course. 

The theory is quite easy to understand but it is very difficult during the practice. During the practice, the mind is very difficult to control, it is always wandering, remembering the past or imagining the future. Don’t give up, don’t get angry or worry because that is normal. The mind that has never been trained is weak, wild, just keep on practicing step by step. After the 6th step you will be able to practice this meditation easily. 

Before starting the practice, don’t forget to pray according to your beliefs, then continue with feeling the whole part of the body start from the middle chest. Say “May all beings be happy” to strengthen and widen our loving kindness mind. After feeling our body, feel the building/ place where we are meditating, again say ” May all beings be happy”, at last feel our house, village, town, island or our country then say “May all beings be happy”.

By saying “May all beings be happy” from the center of our chest to our surroundings, wider and wider, it means that we are preparing our mind to become calmer, wider and stronger.  

In our chest there are four parts that is important to maintain our health :

- The Heart 

- The Thymus gland 

- The Center of the feelings (chest cakra) 

- The cave of the heart (place where our mindfulness/ soul take a rest when we are sleeping).
Continue the practice by being aware of your breathing going in and going out inside the nose. 

End the meditation by saying “May all beings be happy” (three times). 

See you in the next issues. 

 To summarize the first step (to strengthen concentration) 

- Seat in relax position as your choice, the back is upright. 

- Close your eyes slowly 

- Pray as your belief 

- Say “May all beings be happy” (three times), to produce effective energy to strengthen our immune system and strengthen our chest cakra, direc it to 3 directions: 
 1. From chest feel it to whole part of body
 2. From chest feel it to the house
 3. From chest feel it to all of our neighbors 

- Feel the flow of the breathing that goes in and out through our nose or as it touches the upper lips, let our body breathe naturally, not as you desire. 

- When you feel the flowing of the incoming breath count one and when you feel it flowing out count two. When it goes in count three, and so on continue until ten then go back again and start from one. 

- Do it continuously for 30 minutes 

- End the meditation by saying “May all beings be happy” (three times).  

To be continued next session to practise " MINDFULLNESS".