Usada Meditation Session II


Last week we discussed the first step: Sitting. If you have practiced it properly, right now you would be able to sit in that position peacefully for at least 30 minutes.

Health Meditation/ Usada Meditation (Part II)

The human body is initially formed by the interception of a sperm into an ovum in the mother’s womb. The formation begins from the smallest part of the body to the skeleton. All parts of the human body consist of the smallest matter called an “atom”. If an atom is divided, what we get are smaller particles called “quarks”.

In order to obtain a quark, advanced technology in modern countries use the solution, of smashing one atom into the other. 

With a strong power of mind, those who are masters in meditation have learned that the smallest part of the body, known as “absolute matter” or kalapa, can disappear if broken, and become energy (an abstract element). The elements are known as earth element (rough, soft, hard, heavy, light), water element (cohesion, flowing), fire element (hot, cool), and wind element (expand ,contract ).

These energies are formed into one and become “an absolute matter” molecule and finally a part of the human body. These energies help the interception of the sperm into an ovum and they derive from food, temperature, mind, and action. Part of the energy has negative power that causes illness or powerlessness, part of the energy produces positive power that freshens the human body and even another part produces a neutral power that is neither negative or positive 

Food Energy  

Everybody needs oxygen, fluids , and food to support life.

Temperature Energy

Any change in temperature will affect our body. Normal temperature is 37 degree Celsius. If because of some disturbance in our body the temperature drops or jumps drastically (too hot or too cool) our body will adjust accordingly . If the change takes place too quick and too often then, it will affect one’s health.

Mind Energy

Every contact made by one of five human senses will produce energy. When anger, worry, or hatred arise in the mind, at the same time they cause bad, hot energy that can cause high blood pressure, pimples, and calcification, etc. When a feeling of greed arises, it will produce cool energy that causes cholesterol and impotency, etc. A feeling of mindfulness containing wisdom, calmness, and love causes warm energy and helps to cure illness.

Action Energy 

If the mind arises, and strong intensity takes place, then actions come through speech, body activities or mind. Good energy produces healthiness and bad energy produces illness.

When we are meditating, we are creating good energy from the mind, so that it can help cure our body illnesses from inside.

Practice Step II

In the last edition we practiced being able to concentrate by feeling the breath and counting from 1 to 10. Now we are practice our mindfulness. Feel carefully the breath coming in and out, and recognize the characteristics that appear when the breath touches inside the nostrils . Let the breath come in and flow out naturally. Don’t think about the future and let go of he past. Be at the present , be mindful.

If you are wandering around day dreaming or making a fantasy, as soon you remember, draw your attention back to observe your breath flowing in and out. This is how to practice mindfulness. Follow the process in the next issue