Usada Meditation Session III


Practice Step III

In the last session, we learnt to train in mindfulness, to feel the breath flowing in and out and to recognize the Charateristics which appear inside the nose. They can be hot or cold, they can expand or contract, they can be cut off or continuous, hard or soft , by observing these characteristics of the breath you make your mindfulness stronger. 

Now, we continue to develop wisdom.

To develop wisdom, the mind is given a new focus . After the mind is trained to know various characteristics of breathing such as the length and shortness of breath , and the breath’s heaviness or lightness, plus its roughness and softness, and other features just choose one of the dominant characteristics and observe it carefully and then experience the impermanence, through this method your wisdom will appear and become stronger.

This exercise is not easy but also not so difficult . Not all characteristics of the breath can be recognized easily in a short time. In the beginning, approximately half of most meditation participants can recognize long and shortness of breath and rough and softness of their breath. It does not matter do not worry, do not be afraid. Whatever your breathing condition just realize it as it is.

Understand the process clearly and relax, all occurrences are impermanent , do not react when there is change then the wisdom will be strengthened.

To summarize this third session (to strengthen wisdom)

- Sit in a relaxed position , the back is upright.

- Pray according to your belief.

- Say “May all beings be happy” (three times)

- Feel the breath flow in and out naturally. Let the body breathe, our mind merely feels and understands, whatever happens in the breath, and in the process of change as conditions arise, in so doing our wisdom will be strengthened.

 - Close the meditation exercise by saying “May all beings be happy” (three times).